Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, but i’m still celebrating!


Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, but i’m still celebrating!.


Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, but i’m still celebrating!


Let me start by telling you what I ate over the silly season…

Everything, I ate EVERYTHING!!!
With so many celebrations, Christmas parties, new year celebrations, how could I not, RIGHT?
Well then….
The New year rolled around and I did the whole, new year, new me crap and as usual it didn’t go well.
At least in previous years I may have hung out for a week or even a few weeks, maybe a couple of months even.
Not this year… this year after all the resolutions and telling myself, “I WILL LOSE WEIGHT” and “I WILL GET FIT” and “I WILL MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE”…. You know what I have done?? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING!!
No walking, jogging, running or skipping. No healthy eating. No change of lifestyle. NOTHING.
I have continued to eat everything in sight, drink alcohol when ever the occasion arises (even though I swore to only drink water for a month).
The 2 litres of water I swore to drink daily has been replaced with almost the same amount of coffee (Oh & Tim Tams)!
And then we have those oh so delectable cheeses, with crackers, oh and the meats and dips (I am literally drooling) …
Soft cheese is my weakness I can down a wheel of double brie like there’s no tomorrow. I wish I could co back to when I was a child and my mother only could afford to buy that processed individually wrapped stuff that I refused to eat because it would make me gag. For years I claimed to be allergic to cheese oh & sausages, hated them. Now I wished I still believed that!!!
But what blows my mind, I why do I even have this stuff in my house?? I’m not having a party, all the celebration is over, but I still continue to buy this crap and then eat the crap.
All I have been doing is eating, drinking & being merry, although the merry is starting to fade out.

I was hit with a massive slap in the face when I finally stepped on the scales after all the intense eating I have done, 4kg up! Ohhh hell NO! How in the hell did that happen??
Ahhh I know how it happened!! But oh how I wish I could pretend I didn’t!
“Oh well, it’s all paid for”, I joke to make myself feel better!!!
But honestly I am disgusted, and annoyed, like how does it pile on so fast, yet take so long to drop off!!!!

Now I’m back to square one… No scratch that – I’m way back passed square one, I have to now get back to square one so I can once again start at square one!! I’m not even sure what square I am at but im pretty sure it’s somewhere around square -367522376347466429.

I rang my sister as I do in these types of emergencies and we sat and talked for ages about what we can do to fix this dim situation, little changes, daily exercise, lipo? YES, that all sounds good.
I SWORE the next time we spoke I’d be well on my way to a change for the better, I will have lost a few kgs and be feeling really good about myself….

So as I finish off, I hear the microwave ding, that is my queue to get the hell off here, because my Jam donut is ready and waiting to be eaten…. Mmmmmm!

Peace out x

What do I do now?


My beautiful last born has just started Kindergarten, 2 full days a week. I am so proud of her and I love that she is growing and changing everyday. But it has left me thinking, so what do I do now? I guess I should be thinking about looking for a part-time job or do a course or something?

I had my first child at 17 and my last at 27, I am beyond proud of the fact that I am a mother and am raising 3 beautiful well balanced kids, but now that they are getting older and school age for all 3 is approaching rapidly I am starting to worry about what I am supposed to do next? I mean I don’t even know what my interests are. I found myself on a Tafe site looking at study options and thought yes I should study something this year ready for a big step out into the workforce next year, but what?

What do I study? Living rural jobs are limited as it is, so I have spent the last few hours sifting through courses working out what will lead to a job opportunity and what wont! Hard work and very frustrating but I decided on a course that I can do externally from home.                                                                                                   So today I enrolled in Certificate III in Children’s services.

Lets hope this is the start of something special for me to build up into in the future.

It’s scary to step out into the big world again when for so long I have had my place here. But hey I’m excited to start something new, no matter how little. Everyone started somewhere, right?


Peace out x

Last time I was here…..


Last time I was here I was telling you all I was going sugar free…. Hmmm well lets just say it’s not going as well as I thought, I was cutting out so much that I felt totally deprived and would end up binging on anything and everything! *sigh*
Why does this being healthy, eating health, lose weight thing have to be so hard?
I have been quite good with keeping up with my fitness goals and can now run (well jog, actually its a very slow jog, more of a shuffle really) 4km without stopping, yay go me. However all the exercising has done nothing for the number on the scales. I know being fit and healthy has as much to do with diet as it does exercise, but I just cannot seem to get my head around it, every time I try eating well and think I have had a fantastic week, I step on those dreaded scales and see no change and there goes all my enthusiasm down the drain in the bath next to me.
Look I know it takes time, but I feel like this has been dragging on for months with NO results…
I think I may need to consult a professional!!

Until then, a wise fish once told me…. Just keep swimming!

Peace out x

Going sugar free



Recently I read the book Sweet poison a guide to quitting sugar.

I only borrowed it from a friend thinking it would be the typical boring diet book and I’d be handing it back after a mere flip through. However I found it really interesting and it made sense to me. (Incredible I know, I diet book that bad sense)…. However it did push the fact that this was not a diet it was a lifestyle change, just like quitting smoking only HARDER!!

So after reading all the facts about sugar and the effects it has on the body and the fact that its making us FAT, my first thought was “I’m going to jump on the wagon and quit sugar too”…. My second thought was “SHIT, what can I actually eat?”

For a foodie like myself it is really quite daunting to think I might have to stop eating foods I love. What the hell am I going to eat when I go out for tea, hell what am I going to eat when I stay in? I’m not sure I can do this!!!!!!

I have tried a few recipes that have (putting it nicely) been absolutely revolting!! This is a lot harder than I thought!!!… And then there is sifting through all the different sweetening agents and working out which ones are ok to use and which ones are doing us harm.

  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Galactose
  • Sucrose
  • Lactose
  • Maltose
  • Dextrose


You can have glucose but not fructose and stay away from sucrose……. My mind is a shambles at the moment!!
Not only will you have sugar cravings you also will have a headache from information overload!! keep the neurofen handy… But don’t forget to check their ingredients before you take them!!!!!…..

I need to find something that is healthy and actually tastes good, my husband and kids will not get on board until I do!! I know it is all trial and error but it’s tiring trying and failing and then trying again.

Now I intend on persisting on this sugar quitting campaign but it won’t be easy that is for sure, considering they say sugar is more addictive than cocaine!! So I have a feeling it is going to be a long, drawn out, frustrating process!!! And even harder to get the family on board! Especially if I’m taking away their yummy foods and replacing them with bland, tasteless and down right disgusting foods, that even I wouldn’t eat….. So here goes…..

Watch this space!!!!

Oh and wish me luck!!

Peace Out x 



So I haven’t been here for a while, guess I had a bit of a block and haven’t known what to write about. Anyway just to kill my dry spell I thought I’d just fill you in on what I have been doing lately, exciting as it is- Not… LOL….

So I decided to start a diet and try to get fit again, not that I feel I am over weight (even if my BMI says differently) but more just because I’m unhappy with my shape and would like to be a tad leaner and more toned. 

 I saw this soup diet and thought, “yeah, lets give that a go, I like soup”… I went shopping and bought all the ingredients for the soup, came home and immediately set to work, chopping and grating all the ingredients!! The soup tasted pretty good, I was happy with this idea!!…..

Day 2 into the diet….. I’m sick of soup and I’m bored!! Who’s dumb idea was it to go on this diet?!?! Oh yeah that’s right mine!!! Arrrrggggghhhhhh…..

So I ditch the “I’ll eat nothing but soup” idea and opt for a low calorie diet instead, and decide I’ll just have the rest of the soup for lunches until it’s all gone!! ‘Yes, that’s a good idea’!

Now, usually I’m not that keen on baking, but since deciding to eat low calorie, I have had an uncontrollable urge to bake…. So far it’s been, Sausage rolls, cookies, muffins, slice and Pav!! Oh good lord what is happening to me!! What the hell clicked in my brain that decided “Hey, you need to start baking anything you can and you need to do it now”!!!!!!!!

So far I have been able to limit myself to just a bite of the things I have made (Phhheeeewwww). But all those bites are going to add up if I keep this up!!

So after a few too many “bites” of the cookies yesterday I decided I should get on the treadmill and burn off a few of the calories I had consumed throughout the day!! So I get my gym gear on and chuck on my sneakers and step on! “Ok”, I think… “I’m going to do half an hour or 3km, which ever comes first”! So off I go, start off walking, move up to a speed walk, then onto a jog, 5 mins in and I’m doing alright….

Then…. “HI MUM, What you doing?”…. “Just Jogging“…. “Can I hop on too”….. “No, not while I’m on it”…. “Can I hope on later?”…. “YES, (puff), later”…. “How long are you going to be?”…. “(puff) Not too (puff) long”…. (Next child)…. ” Oh Mum, your on the treadmill”…. (puff)(puff)(puff) “grunt”…. ” Do you want me to put some music on for you?”….. Yeah (puff puff, puff) Ok”…. “Ok, and I’ll dance while you jog”….. “puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, puff, Great”….. ON COMES 1D!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh great choice!!!!!!…..  “Watch me dance Mum”….. “I’m watching (by now I’m puffing too much to type them all)”……

Meanwhile child number 3 has come in and started playing on the gym set. So now I’m hearing “Clunk, clunk, clunk” every time he lifts the weights and then drops them down CLUNK…..

It’s about now that I lose my sh*t, I switch of the machine, only 16 minutes and 2km in, but that would be enough for today!! I start to walk away to calm down and cool down, as I head down the hallway towards my bedroom my head starts to spin a little and I realise just how unfit I actually am!! 😦

I get to my bedroom and sprawl out on the bed, heart pounding, I start to wonder if the kids annoying my until I got of the treadmill had saved me from a heart attack as it now feels like it might bust through my chest!! I lay there and take deep breaths until it slows down!! Now I’m relaxed and could almost drift off to sleep!!

NO… I still have to cook tea and wash the dishes from all my baking…. *Sigh*

Why does diet and exercise have to be so hard and painful? Why can’t it just be easy?

I guess if it were easy, everybody would be doing it! Right?

Oh well…….

Today I might try squats……

Peace out x



Ok, so I allow my daughter to have a Facebook account, after moving a couple of times we thought it was the easiest way for her to keep in touch with her friends from our old town. I have the log in details and the password and I often check it to make sure there is nothing inappropriate on there!
As she had been online chatting to friends a couple of times this week I thought, while I had a bit of spare time up my sleeve I would pop on and have a check up.

Generally everything was ok, apart from one message I came across!
My daughter had messaged a girl from her currant school asking how she was and the girls reply to her message was “Sorry I act mean to you at school, but everyone hates you!”….

First I was shocked by reading the comment, then I was sad and worried that my daughter was getting a hard time at school, then I was MAD!!!!!!!

Every part of me wanted to send a message to this kid and tell her I’m the mother and just how unimpressed I am by these comments and warn her to leave my baby alone or there would be dire consequences!!
However I do have common sense and I knew that if I were to do that, not only would it be immature on my part, but it probably wouldn’t help my daughters situation either!

What I did do was contact a few of my daughters ‘OLDER’ friends which these girls look up to and told them what was going on, and asked them to write some nice things to my daughter on Facebook. I’m not sure if it was the right way to go about it, but I just wanted for her to feel good about herself the next time she went on her Facebook account rather than read these messages from bitchy little girls and getting down on herself.

It blows me away how mean and cruel kids can be to one another, especially girls. They are always in competition with each other and can become so catty! I myself was a bit of a loner and an outcast when I was a kid and I remember how it felt. So the very last thing I want for one of my own children to experience that feeling!

So now I am really struggling to deal with this situation as parent. I have thought about deactivating my daughters Facebook account, but then is that fair? It like she is getting punished instead of the bully and I don’t want her to be picked on at school and then come home and feel like she is being picked on at home!

I decided to have a talk to my daughter about it today on the way home from school. She has always dealt with these types of things pretty well and usually it’s like water off a ducks back and she doesn’t let it bother her too much. It’s something I have always admired about her and wished that I could handle criticism and rejection from people as well as she handles things.
But I still worry, as everyone has that point where it all gets too much, everyone has a breaking point!! And I don’t want my daughter to have to reach hers!
When I confronted her about the message, true to form all she said was that the girl was joking and that it was no big deal, then told me to forget about it! I simply said, “it’s not a very nice joke!”, and left it at that!

But how do tackle this if it continues? It’s not the first time she has been bullied or picked on at school, but cyber bullying is a whole new kettle of fish and it is way out of my comfort zone.

If I had my way I would throttle every kid that ever upset my babies, but hey walking around flattening kids isn’t a good look now is it!?!
But it is so hard to swallow your anger and take that step back and have trust in your child that they can handle it themselves!

For now I guess I will just continue to monitor her account and hope that it was a one off and that it doesn’t become an issue that needs DEALING with!!!!!!

Peace Out x